I Don’t Want to Lose My Husband!

Have you found yourself confiding in those who are close to you by telling them you want to get your husband back? Well, you’re not alone because many women decide they want to get their husbands back after a split, irrespective of how bad things were before they broke up. However, before you answer a definite “yes, I do want my husband back”, you need to be absolutely certain.

Take time to consider why the two of you split up in the first place. Who was mostly to blame, what did you do to deserve it, or what did your husband do. However, you need to bear in mind that it’s not always easy to determine who was to blame because for the most part, it happens because of a combination of things.

The good news is, if there was no obvious reason such as you or your husband being unfaithful, there there’s a good chance that you will be able to get your husband back.

If on the other hand there was an affair or some other really severe problem, getting together again will be a far greater challenge. However, it can still be done, providing you both want it and you’re both willing to work hard at it. Of course, if neither of you want it to work; it’s highly unlikely that it will.

Have you discussed the matter with your husband to determine whether or not he’s interested in getting back together? Are you aware his feelings about it? You need to realize that while you’re saying, “I want my husband back!” he may not be very keen to get back together.

If that is the case, it doesn’t necessarily mean he has no feelings for you. Instead, there may have been something lacking in the relationship which he was afraid to mention before. Even so, you need to understand that there is still hope.

For example, you can try to get him to participate in activities such as reading a book about divorce and other marriage related problems. This you could do in the evening before bed or even at the dinner table. If you’re both reading it at the same time and you’re reading it together, you’ll be able to discuss some of the points while everything is still fresh in your minds.

Also, don’t let it get you down if he refuses to take part in any sessions with a marriage councilor because although it can make matters a little more difficult, you can still work around it by going to a councilor by yourself.

You can then teach him any techniques you learn, either openly (here, let me show you) or discreetly, by using them whenever the two of you interact. Even if he has no interest in what you’ve learned in class, just by doing the exercises yourself, you’ll have a sense of power you never had before.
get your ex backCounseling can often leave you feeling as though you’ve acquired a new kind of power within a relationship and as such, it can make things better but be warned because it can also make matters worse. Another benefit of seeing a councilor is that it affords you an opportunity to discuss issues of a private or personal nature. If you play your cards right, you may soon be saying, “I got my husband back”, instead of saying, “I want my husband back”.
Is your break up seems impossible to be reversed?

If your answer to the above question is yes, then I strongly recommend that you check out The Magic of Making Up.

This best-selling guide contains a lot of controversial methods (but extremely effective) showing you exactly what to do and what to say after the break up to get your ex back into your arms…especially if you’re the only one trying. Click here to go check it out now!

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Ways to Get Your Ex Back

Relationships are fragile bonds that must be continually nurtured and respected in order to flourish. Each person involved in a relationship is responsible for providing value to the other half for a natural balance to be created. It is when this balance is broken that problems start to occur. Eventually an unbalanced relationship will dissolve, and this usually leaves one side still hoping things can be resolved. Being the only one working for a resolution can be a tough and lonely proposition, but there are ways to salvage even the bleakest situations.

Ways to Get Your Ex Back

Be Strong

There is an old saying that “no one needs the needy” and it applies itself well to broken relationships. Begging, clinging, and desperate behavior is much more likely to repel your lost love rather than attract them. Not only is it important to prove to the world that you can perceiver in the toughest of times, but you also need to prove it to yourself. While no one is claiming that breakups are easy, keep the yelling and crying behind closed doors.

Minimize Contact

Closing the doors of communication may seem counter opposite to rebuilding a failed relationship, but it is one of the most important steps. There is a reason that things have made it to this point, and it is obvious that someone needs a break. Allowing time for reflection and thought is the best way to evaluate your relationship. This also gives your Ex time to clear their mind. It could be that some time away will remind them of how valuable your relationship was.

Be Flexible

This is not the time to start issuing mandates like “pick up your things by Monday or else”. You are wrong if you think that you can scare someone into returning. Remember that your Ex left you because they were unsatisfied with some facet of your relationship. This means it is time to become the listener and sympathizer. This does not mean you have to concede to their every demand (see Stay Strong), but you will probably have to meet beyond halfway when rebuilding the bridge of communication.

Get Out

This is no time to be alone. Call your old friends and get out of the house. You need to develop other forms of entertainment in your life. This does not mean you have to date, or even look at the opposite sex (although who knows?). It simply means you need to occupy yourself and learn to develop a self-realization of who you are. Getting out will also be helpful for when you get back with your Ex. Your conversations will be spurred along by some of the new stories you have to tell.

Be Yourself

There was a reason that you and your Ex were initially attracted to each other, and this was because you are a unique person. Think of what made these first weeks or months so special, and try to identify what has changed. Sometimes relationships can become monotonous and you can forget what it was that made both of you compatible. Learn to accentuate your qualities and strive to be the real person you are. This renewed self-perception of yourself will rub off on everyone around you.

It is not easy to win back the love of your life, but it can be done. Determination and consistency are the most essential qualities needed to be successful. The basic strategies above will get you started on your quest, but it is important to continue to adapt to the situation. If you truly love your Ex, then you need to do everything in your power to prove yourself. For more resources, please visit Get Back My Ex.

Sometimes you need help to save your relationship. Proven resources and strategies are available at

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It’s a new course by a guy called TW (T Dub) Jackson.

“The Magic Of Making Up” has taked the net by storm, and is talked about almost everywhere ex’s are discussed…
So what is this course anyway, and what do I thiunk about it?

Go to The Magic Of Making Up

Well, There are quite a few good courses about this subject on the market right now, which I mentioned lately. The most “famous” one being the “how to get back your ex” course. a very good product that was selling for years, and has a lot of fans.
So why mention The Magic Of Making Up?

Well I came to the site and saw T Dub’s movie clip right on the site – you can see it here. I immediately liked the guy. He is streight forward and speaks to the point. He also comes across as a very nice dude.

I think that the “how to get your ex back” industrey needs a guy like T Dub to ruttle it’s cage a little. Wht not? Some of the courses and books are a bit old fashion, and T Dub is a modern guy who uses video on his web site. His product is up-to-date and bring very good value to anyone who is interestd in getting their ex back.

Works for me. Visit T Dub’s website - The Magic Of Making Up.

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It’s going to happen to you at least once – you broke up with your spouse, and after that happened you want to get back together.

Get your ex backBut the “problem”is – your ex doesn’t want to get back with you. They have moved on or they are just not interested in renewing the relationship. Does this sound familiar?

In this case, if you still want to get back with your ex, you should get a secret weapon that with help you do just that. One of these secrets weapons can be found here.

If you really want to get back together than hey – all is fair in love and war. And you should get the best how to get your ex back training you can find.

Good Luck.

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How to get your ex back , Take a good look

How to get your ex backIf a relationship you were involved in just finished, you may feel hurt and vulnerable, and you’re asking yourself how to get your ex back. These are all natural feelings, especially if the relationship ended as a result of the other side’s choice. If it came as a surprise, and you didn’t see it happening, you may even feel betrayed or mislead. Again theses are all natural feelings. If you really want to get back with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and you think that the breakup was wrong, than take a deep breath and read on because I got some great tips for you on how to do it right.

So why do you want to get her or him back?

Take a few days to relax after the breakup. Making rash decisions when you’re upset is not wise. After you cooled down a little, ask yourself this:

WHY do I want to get back to my ex? Is it because I hate being alone or do I really love him or her? Do I miss the “being together” feeling or do I miss the person? It’s important you’ll be completely honest with yourself, and answer truthfully. If you truly miss the person, and you do still love him or her, than your WHY is solid and you should go for it and do your best get back with the person you love. If you only miss the status of having a spouse – than you need to make serious thinking as to are you really interested in this person enough to make the effort.

What to do to get him or her back

So you have done your reflection and reached a conclusion – and you want to know how to get your ex back. Good, now is the time to put some effort into that. I recommend doing the following things:

- Think back at how you were during the relationship. If you were too needy, and wimpy – that your course of action would be to ignore your ex and start seeing other people. Why is that? that’s because people are attracted to strong, hard to get people, and not to wimps. So if you were wimpy, in many cases that would have been the cause for the other person’s rejection.

- If, on the other hand, you were too hard to get, too distant, and gave too little affection and attention to your ex, that it’s time to apologize and act more warmly and kindly. This will help you get a second chance with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend.


Relationships ain’t easy, you probably know that already…but if you really want to know how to get your ex back, than I hope you got some useful tips from this page. Remember that creativity and persistence will get you a long way to reaching your goal – just like in any other field. Good Luck!

Good Luck

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Lately it seems to me that getting your ex back is a bit of a dodogy concept for some people.

getting your ex backWhat do I mean by that?

Well I come acrosss all kinds of wild stories that get published in the media, especiall about guys wanting to get theri ex girl back. When she wouldn’t play ball, they turn to ugly and scary stuff.

Want an example?

OK, how about this:

“Instead of dealing with the situation people normally get angry on  small things and get separated, later instead of trying to get back together in a polite way people send nasty text or email, even pretend to see when they pass each other or ignore them.”

But seriously, isn’t that childish?

I wish people would just learn how to attract their ex back into their lives in a cosher and effecive way.

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